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What We Offer

In an industry flooded with bait and switch services, we offer unprecedented price transparency. Below is a list of some sample prices to get an idea of how much many of our services cost. We do our best to keep it updated. Every situation is different so please get a quote for final pricing.


Backsplash tiling
Upgrade the look of your kitchen with new backsplash tiling. Cost listed is for up to 18 inches by 17 linear feet. Includes mortar and grout. Additional cost may apply for certain designs and layouts. Tiles and delivery also available
Ballast replacement
Replace one halogen light ballast. Materials included
Barn door installation
install a barn door
Baseboard moulding installation
Install baseboard moulding. Prices per foot. Minimum 40 ft
Bath Fan - full replacement
replace bath fan entire unit including housing. Hook up to existing wiring and ductwork (from the old fan). Must either have attic access or be room side install unit. Materials not included.
Bath fan - replace parts
replace fan and/or light parts for a bath fan leaving the housing as is. Materials not included.
Bath spout replacement
Replace the spout on a tub. Materials not included.
Bathroom remodeling
Bathroom sink
change your bathroom sink to a new one. Materials not included.
Bore doorknob hole
Bore holes in the door for a doorknob.
Cabinet handles
Install cabinet handles. labor only. Minimum 11 handles (or 14 combined knobs and handles)
Cabinet knobs
Install cabinet knobs. Labor only. (Price does not apply to handles). Minimum 14 knobs or 14 combined knobs and handles
Caulk bath/shower
scrape off old caulk and caulk with new caulk. materials included.
Caulk countertop edge
Caulk countertop edge. Price is for up to 20 linear feet of caulking.
Caulk kitchen counters
Caulk length of kitchen counters. Cost is $6 per foot. Minimum $50 per location.
Caulk windows
Caulk interior of windows. Extra applies to windows over 48" in any direction.
Ceiling fan Installation
remove existing light/fan and install ceiling fan. labor only. additional cost applies over 9 feet.
Ceiling tile replacement
Replace ceiling tiles in grid. Ceiling tiles not included.
Chandelier installation
Install large hanging light or chandelier
Closet light replacement
Install pull string or single bulb closet light
Cooktop installation
Install new gas/electric cooktop in counter. Materials and delivery not included
Dimmer Light switch replacement
replace a dimmer switch with a new one
Dishwasher Installation
Install dishwasher. hook up to existing electrical and plumbing. Material and delivery not included.
Door knob/Deadbolt
replace standard doorknob or deadbolt. Additional 25 applies to smart doorknobs. Boring holes (if there is none or if it is too small) not included. Materials not included.
Double switch replacement
Replace double switch device
Dryer vent cover
Install dryer vent cover on exterior of house. All materials included
Drywall repair
patch an area of drywall, finish and paint. All materials included.
Exterior door adjustment
Adjust the hinges or closure of an exterior door so that it closes properly.
Exterior stairs
For two steps. Add 122.5 per step. Includes materials
Faucet replacement
replace a kitchen ot bath faucet with a new one. Add 50 for widespread (three part) faucets
Floor refinishing
basic price for smaller jobs
Furnace filter replacement
includes new filter
GFCI outlet replacement
replace agfci outlet. New outlet included
Garage overhead rack
Assemble and install overhead rack in garage.
Garbage disposal
replace or install a new garbage disposal. Extra cost for running new wiring.
Grab Bar installation
install grab bar in shower wall
Hang Blinds
upgrade the look of your windows with new blinds. blinds not included.
Hang TV mount
Install owner purchased mounting bracket for flat screen LCD TV.
Hang art/pictures
for most items under 25 lbs and less than 2.5 ft long and 9 feet high. Price is reduced for more than 5 items
Hang bathroom cabinet
Hang bathroom cabinet
Hide tv wires inside wall
Hide tv wires by installing a tube inside the wall to accept wires. Materials included.
Hinge set replacement
Replace hinges on a door. Materials included
In ground Mailbox installation
Update the look (and function) of your house with a new mailbox. Includes 4x4 pressure treated post and concrete if needed. Mailboxes and delivery also available
Interior door - door only
Update a hall, bedroom or bathroom with a new interior door. touch ups and painting not included. Doors and delivery also available.
Interior door adjustment
Make adjustments to an interior door for proper closure
Kitchen cabinet installation
install upper or lower kitchen cabinet
Leak under sink
repair leak in under sink plumbing
Light fixture Installation
replace a light fixturre with a new one
Medicine cabinet/vanity mirror installation
Update your bathroom with a new vanity mirror or medicine cabinet. additional cost applies for lighted items. Cabinets and mirrors also available with delivery
Microwave installation
Got a new microwave? Get it installed by one of our Pros. New microwaves and delivery also available.
Mount curtain rod
Need a curtain rod hung? Have a pro hang it for you. (for rods of three connections add 25)
Mount hose reel
Mount hose reel on wall of house
Outdoor spigot
Replace an outdoor water spigot that has become corroded. Includes new spigot.
Outside light fixture replacement
Replace exterior light fixture. Fixture not included
Outside light fixture replacement - above 9 feet
Oven Installation
Install new oven. Extra cost for transporting oven from other rooms
Pendant light installation
Materials not included
Power wash and Stain/Paint
If your deck is starting to look a bit weathered, a power wash and stain can have it looking good as new! This job includes: - power washing the deck to strip off old color - re-staining in a solid color
Re-Set fence post
remove existing fence post. break up existing concrete block. set new post in original location. Materials included
Refinish Tub
acid etch surface and coat with permanent spray on coating
Refrigerator filter replacement
Ring Doorbell installation
Includes guidance due setting it up in the app where applicable.
Screen repair
Are your screens fading or tearing? Time to get them rescreened. (additional cost applies for screens over 36 inches in either dimension)
Security door installation
Install steel security door
Shower Door Installation
install sliding shower door. Door not included
Shower cartridge replacement
Shower/Bath drips even when it's off? Replacing the cartridge can usually solve that. parts included.
Shower rod
Install shower curtain rod in ceramic or stone tile. More applies for porcelain or glass tile
Shower surround
install three part shower surround. Demo cost extra and depends on wall material.
Shutoff valve
The shutoff allows you to disconnect the water flow to replace the faucet or toilet parts. If they fail, they should be replaced. Includes new valve. includes 1-3 valves in one room.
Sink drain repair/ replacement
Sink replacement
Slab backsplash Istallation
install marble or ceramic single piece backsplash on bathroom vanity. includes caulking around backsplash and vanity.
Smart Doorbell Installation
install a ring doorbell or other similar device and help you connect it with the app (requires smart phone with good internet access and a connection to the app)
Smart lock installation
Smoke alarm
Install smoke alarm to wall or ceiling. New smoke alarm included
Spot paint wall
Standard outlet/Light switch replacement
old outlet or switch not working properly? have a pro take care of it. New standard switch/outlet included.
Storm door handle
Replace storm door handle. Materials not included
Subfloor repair
repair plywood subfloor by replacing parts.
Toilet Installation
install new toilet. Toiet and delivery not included
Toilet flapper and fill valve
Revive your old toilet by replacing the internal parts that wear out over time. Includes flapper/valve
Towel Rod installation
Mount or replace a towel rod. Towel rods also available.
Towel bar instalation
Install towel bar. Materials not included
Towel ring installation
Install single spot towel ring in wall
Unclog Sewer
unclog a sewer main that wont drain. Must be reasonable accessible.
Unclog Toilet
Unclog a toilet. Must be reasonably accessible.
Unclog kitchen sink
unclog a kitchen sink that wont drain.
Unclog sink/shower
Unclog a sink or shower. Must be reasonably accessible. up to 30 feet
Vanity Cabinet Installation
Install a new bath vanity with faucet, drain and p trap. parts not included
Vanity light installation
Update the look of your bathroom with new vanity lights
Ventilate microwave
Add ventilation through wall to an existing microwave. Materials included
Vinyl/Laminate Floating floor
Priced per square foot. Minimum $500. This includes installation of flooring planks and Baseboard trim.
Wall framing
Frame a new wall
Wax ring replacement (toilet)
reseal toilet with new wax seal. Wax seal included.
Window casing
Install window casing, sill and trim. Materials included
Window replacement
Have us replace your old dingy windows with modern energy efficient ones. Larger windows may have added cost. Window not included.
air conditioner installation
backflow preventor
find sewer main. install check valve in sewer main. Close up pit and patch with new concrete
bidet installation
install a bidet on toilet seat. does not included valve replacement types. materials not included
bifold doors
upgrade a closet with new bifold doors. Doors and delivery not included
bulb replacement
Replace up to 5 bulbs below 9 ft
circuit breaker
Does the power keep shutting off? You may need a new circuit breaker
circuit breaker box
combo alarm
Install combination smoke CO alarm
door frame repair
Replace a damaged or broken doorframe top or latch side (or both). Materials included
door sweep
Install door sweep for weather seal
doorbell installation
replace doorbell button and reciever. Materials not included. New wiring not included
drawer slides
new Slides included. Extra applies for undermount slides
exterior door - delivery
exterior door - modification
exterior outlet
exterior outlet not working correctly? have a pro replace it with a gfci outlet with hinged housing.
floor tiling
Install ceramic or porcelein floor tile. Priced per square foot. Minimum $750. Does not include materials. Does not include any floor removal.
general remodeling
handrail installation
charged per foot. Minimum 200 per run. basic rail included
hang porch swing
hang a porch swing from ceiling anchoring into joists
hang shelf
Hang a customer provided shelf up to 36 inches.
hardwired smoke/co detector
install hardwired smoke/co detector. New detector included
interior door - delivery
interior door - modification
kitchen remodeling
moisture sensing vent fan
replace a bath fan with a moisture sensing fan. New fan included.
mount in-ground hoop base
Mount base of basketball hoop post in concrete pillar. (36 deep by 16 wide with flaring at bottom with rebar reinforcements). materials included. 72 hours must pass before completing hoop assembly.
prehung exterior door installation
Install prehung exterior door. materials and delivery not included.
prehung interior door
Update a hall, bedroom or bathroom with a new interior door. touch ups and painting not included. Doors and delivery also available.
range hood
Replace a range hood. new vent hoods also available. additional cost applies for vented range hoods
shower head installation
install shower head. New head not included
shutter pair (ground level - vinyl or wood siding)
labor only
socket light
Replace single socket porcelain light fixture. Materials extra
storm Door
Install storm door for weather or security. Door and delivery not included
sump pump replacement
replace sump pump with similar unit. Includes pump
thermostat replacement
toilet paper holder installation
toilet seat installation
install toilet seat. materials not included
wall mounted mailbox
install a wall mounted mailbox. Malbox not included.
weather seal exterior door
weather seal exterior door on four sides. Weather seal strips and sweep included
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